Witchcraft – Black Magic: A Hell That Can Cost You Your Life

It is no secret that black magic is, after all, part of the Mauritian customs. There was a time when our elders heavily believed in the practice of exorcism. What about the situation in 2016? Inside News has focused on this issue which is considered taboo in our modern society.


“Pa ress kot pye apre 6h, ena move zer laba”. We have often heard this phrase from our parents. One can believe them to be “superstitious,” but they often tell us that “evil exists”. Compared to the last cases of murder, one realizes that the bodies were found decapitated. But according to some people, it may be that witchcraft is behind these barbaric acts.

It is 6:00 PM. The night has fallen. A few steps from a river, we meet Yashvin (fictitious name), a young man who knows about the subject and who claims to have read various books related to Satanism. He is passionate of Satan. He has even practiced evil rites. So he agreed to explain the world of the “fer jab.” He made it clear that “there are cases where an individual uses a ritual involving the sacrifice of an animal.” But he said that in certain situations, “it may be that we have used a human sacrifice.” He argues that people who engage in human sacrifices are those in search of a power; “Followers of black magic, which are in need of supernatural power.”

Yashvin advanced, according to satanic verses from India, that “this process requires sacrifice of a girl, moreover a virgin.” This is mandatory, he insists. Why that? “A girl is considered to have pure blood and the blood of a girl is more consistent than the man.” He stressed that this practice is rare in Mauritius and “is like a request to God.” Decapitating a girl can, according to the satanic beliefs, bring happiness in life to that person.

But like any sacrifice, he insists, it also carries risks. “If you do it once, one needs to continue with these rituals, otherwise it can turn against the person.”

To support his point, he tells a true story that happened in Mauritius. “There was a young man who was a disciple of Satan. He practiced witchcraft, and suddenly he withdrew from this world. This caused him great harm. He fell ill and his family had to recite prayers for this impasse.”

Yashvin advanced that there are two types of magic, the “white magic” and “black magic”. Our interlocutor explains that white magic is common, which is “to heal the sick, such as reiki.” Regarding the black magic he describes it as “a solution for people who have various problems in their lives, but that does not solve them.”

According to Yashvin, the path that leads to sorcerers is a choice, “soi dimoun la ale vers bondie ou satan.” One of the situations that led to witchcraft, he says, is the feeling of being abandoned by the creator.

“In some cases, we can love God but do not pray, and one can be expert in the presence of evil, but do not pray satan”.

An advice he gives to all those who feel “possessed” by some demonic power, “is to always have a very confident attitude towards these ‘jab’, because on the contrary, if you give the impression that you are afraid of evil spirits, they will torture you because under the law of satan, you are easy prey.”

Psychologist Vikass Baichoo: “Personalities are also followers of witchcraft”

Contacted by Inside News, Vikass Baichoo, psychologist, said that witchcraft is a belief of some people. He argues that this phenomenon is not only present in Mauritius, but also in European countries.

“People who usually turn to witches are those who are afraid, who are anxious and are looking for an answer or a solution,” he said. These are people who are generally superstitious and do not feel good about themselves. These people can be manipulated through the emotion because they are vulnerable.

According to the psychologist, “witchcraft is in no way a rational solution to find solutions to the problems; whether they are moral or sentimental order.” He adds that there are other credible solutions such as psychologists or ‘counselors’ who are available to the people in need of their support. He believes that dialogue is essential in cases of distress problem.

To combat the scourge of witchcraft, he talks about the importance of religious leaders: “these people of each religion must do their homework by raising awareness with respect to the adverse impacts of witchcraft.” Vikass Baichoo concedes that in Mauritius, “we tend to believe that the acts are performed by illiterate people, but there are even senior figures higher in the social scale who are also followers of black magic “.

For the psychologist, the education system needs to be reviewed, “for people to change their mentality. It is imperative that children learn to choose the right path right from the bottom age.” To make this a reality, he suggests the introduction of philosophy classes in the primary and secondary school. “It will tremendously help the individual to be a better citizen of tomorrow, not that he or she even thinks about sorcery,” he argues. He concluded by saying that “if you believe in something-something rational, you will not believe in the irrational.”

Hindu Mahakaal: Clean the evil that destroys the Mauritian society

A group of Hindu Mahakall of 150 members work in the social society since 2013. To combat these acts of witchcraft, a dozen members of the association, mostly youngsters, and chaired by Roshan Beekun, offer his services “pour nettoyer sa banes base sales la.”

According to Arvind Ramkeessoon, secretary of the movement, “cette pratique endiablée tue notre société.” The fact that is bothering him as well is “les charlatants arnaqueurs.” He said these are unscrupulous people who “do the business on the backs of people who have problems.” “These evil intentions were led mainly by jealousy, revenge and obsession. Many people suffer, others may be sick,” he says.

For now, the secretary of the religious association and its members have cleaned places such as route Bassin in Quatres Bornes, at Beau Songes and recently in Yemen temple in Tamarin. Precisely in Tamarin, “when we had information of these acts, we mobilized our forces to see what was going on in the square.” On the spot, he said, it was a feeling of disgust that invaded everyone, “we saw capsules containing names of people inside, clinging to trees at the back of the place of cult”. Moreover, there were candles, sandals, barrettes …

“My team did a great job that day,” says Arvind Ramkeessoon. Thus, he stressed that the Mauritian community will regain its place of worship to pray. “By getting rid of these objects, persons referred through these unhealthy practices will feel relieved,” he says. Arvind Ramkeessoon also stresses that what happens in Mauritius shows how our society falls into decay, “these objects show that the harm was intentional to hurt others.”

He states that since their approaches, threats were made against them. “There is even a case where the house of a member was sacked by bouncers. They were recruited by a ‘longaniste’ we had denounced.”

Arvind Ramkeessoon is willing to fight these injustices. “We are here to reassure people in places soiled by these evil acts and also clean places of worship, destroying these offerings and objects used for witchcraft.”

But he argues that the Hindu Mahakaal has not had the opportunity to get their hands on these ‘longanistes’ because ‘zot fer sa banes zafers la dan discresyon total.”