Bagatelle: Father And Son Arrested For Possession Of Counterfeit Money

A 43 year old man and his 14 year old son tried to sell fake banknotes by making several purchases at Mall of Mauritius at Bagatelle. The two individuals, living Residences Kennedy, Quatre Bornes, were arrested and are in custody. The Moka police has opened an investigation and more arrests are expected.

According to the cashier, the notes appeared to have been printed on A4 paper.

According to the cashier, the notes appeared to have been printed on A4 paper.

The incident occurred on Monday morning October 31. A group of individuals landed at Mall of Mauritius at Bagatelle to sell fake banknotes. But all did not go as planned. A cashier noticed that the notes were fake. “The tickets seemed to have been printed on A4 paper. In addition, they were significantly thicker than real cuts,” she explains.

She immediately informed the customers that the bank notes were fake. They then tried to rectify the situation and handed her real cuts. But meanwhile, Bagatelle security service had been alerted of the situation and tried to stop the customers.

An accomplice intervenes
An approach that has hardly been easy because a third individual armed with a knife tried to intervene so that the suspects can get away with it, which created a wave of panic among visitors to the commercial center. Seeing that the situation escalated for the residents of Résidences Kennedy, those accompanying them preferred to back off. Police suspect that they had also forged banknotes in their possession.

The Moka police, led by Inspector Sevanandee, boarded the three individuals. At the police station, the police found Rs 9,000 in counterfeit notes on the forties and Rs 500, still in fake notes, in possession of the adolescent. The notes of Rs 200, Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

Investigators believe that the suspects had made purchases in other stores at Bagatelle Mall. But with the tension created by this affair, many traders probably do not want to complain to the police.

On Tuesday, the suspects, who are currently behind bars, will be examined by the Moka police. Investigators also have to clarify the exact role of the third suspect who was in possession of a sharp weapon. The investigation is under the supervision of the assistant police superintendent Bancharam. Further arrests are expected in the wake of this case.