Camp Caval, Curepipe: She Chats On Facebook; Her Husband Cuts Her Face

Despite tougher sentences related to domestic violence, this did not stop the notorious recidivist Jhonny Fra, 40, to cut on the face of his wife with a kitchen knife.

The victim was admitted to Victoria Hospital in Candos, while her attacker is in police custody.

Corine Fras's health condition is still considered serious.

Corine Fras’s health condition is still considered serious.

The incident occurred on the night of Thursday October 27 at 10:45 PM in Sagar Lane, Camp Caval, Curepipe. Jhonny Fra did not appreciate that his wife, 37 year old mother of a girl of 16, chats on Facebook. He insulted her before coming down to blows. The situation degenerated and the recidivist grabbed a kitchen knife with which he inflicted several cuts to his wife. He deeply slashed the left cheek to the lips.

“Sap mo lavi, li pou touy mwa,” would have screamed the bloodied victim. Her daughter then intervened, who have avoided the worst. Seriously injured Corine alerted her family and the police were mended on site. The victim was taken to Victoria Hospital in Candos. She had to undergo a delicate surgery and her condition is still considered serious. On Monday October 31, Corine Fra underwent further surgery.

The victim had filed several complaints against her husband at the police station in Curepipe, including one for her scarred face in 2012. Relatives of the thirties are outraged. They do not rely to sit back after this new aggression. They contacted the authorities concerned and the Family Protection Unit and the Child Development Unit. They fear that once released on bail, Jhonny Fra would become aggressive again: “Nou pa oule ki la Cour donn li kosion, parski li dir li pou touy so fam ek li pa per prizon.”

An interim charge of “serious assault” was lodged against Jhonny Fra and police has objected to his release.