La Louise, Quatres Bornes: A Man Finds A Giant Rat That Lives In His Toilets

There are few places that trigger feelings as varied as relief, disgust or shame – faced with a quandary. One wants to hear about the toilets. You can now add fear to that list of feelings. Because things do not just go down the toilet. They can also go up. The following image can cause you a chronic constipation!


A giant rat has been living in the toilet pipeline.

Yannick, a resident of Quatre-Bornes, posted this photo on Facebook. On the evening of Sunday October 30, he hears strange noises, as if something scratched in the toilet. As he works in plumbing, he decided to disassemble his toilet himself to find the cause of the noise. He could not believe his eyes seeing what was hiding there!

Two hairy legs protrude from the pipeline. They belong to a giant rat that has risen all the piping. Then he got stuck, obstructing the evacuation. Yannick says: “J’ai tout revérifié immédiatement. Quand ça arrive une fois, ça peut toujours recommencer.”

When you think that this can also happen in our toilets and you can end suddenly face to face – or rather nose to buttocks – with a rat, it’s enough pinball!

Watch video to see proof how a rat can get into the pipeline:

And if you’re really unlucky, you may one day see a rat swim to the bottom of your toilet, especially if your house is infested with rats. The pipes are made in a way that allows rats to crawl through. A rat too curious can easily assemble all the leads and end up under your buttocks while you do your loo.