Moka: A CPE Girl Student Rescued After Being Stuck In The School Toilet

The incident happened on Thursday October 27 at the School of Government of Moka, during the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) exams.

Shortly before the start of the sitting for the second test in the morning, a candidate went to the toilet. One of his comrades inadvertently switched the latch on the toilet door before leaving. The poor girl found herself locked inside.

Despite all attempts, she could not get out. However, her absence in the classroom did not go unnoticed. Her friend then told the supervisor that she was seen for the last time near the toilet.

The rector of the school, teachers, caretakers and the police posted for the exams tried by all means to open the door but they were unsuccessful.

After half an hour, the girl fought her way through the transom of the toilet, under the encouragement of those present outside. She came down with a ladder.

“I do not blame anyone. It was an unfortunate accident,” said the mother. “I warmly thank all the staff for the support they have given to my daughter. For this type of incident does not happen again, I would recommend to the administration to change the lock of the toilet. The doors should open easily. And that this incident should be a lesson.”

It’s the principal of the school who encouraged the girl to come out by the skylight. “Do not be afraid. I will hold you in my arms,” he said to the student. In addition, the rector has delayed the start of the exam paper for the student to take part.