Port Louis: Soobash Hurree Arrested For Protesting In Front Of Mauritius Telecom Office

Mauritius Telecom voleur.” That’s what Soobash Hurree chanted outside the headquarters of the company at the Edith Cavell Street in Port Louis on Tuesday November 1.


The latter accuses Mauritius Telecom (MT) to have ended his phone line for non-payment. However, he explains that it is the company that was wrong about the bills and taxed him internet fees while he is subscribed to another operator. He was arrested by the police.

“I have taken steps but the billing process is the same every month. When I make my payments I deduct the amount of my internet connection because I subscribed to MT only for my phone line. However, on 28 October the company terminated my phone line,” says Soobash Hurree. He added that he was treated so “unfairly.”

MT, for their part, says they are trying to find a solution for Soobash Hurree.