[Video] Discover The Island Of Scary Island

In Mexico, near Lake Xochimilco, hundreds of dolls took possession of the area. Called the island of dolls (or Isla de las muñecas), this place exposes babies dismembered and marked by time.

This amazing project is the work of Julian Santana Barrera who, in 1950, decides to live on this island where a girl drowned.

Convinced to feel the presence of this girl, even after her death, Julian Santana Barrera decided to place the dolls everywhere around his house to calm the mind.

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Years later, it was the turn of Julian Santana Barrera who died drowned in the exact spot where the young child would have died.

Since then, the great-nephew of Julian Santana Barrera took over and continues to maintain the frightening aspect and the mystery around the home.

He even claims to have seen ghosts despite the supposed protection of her dolls.