Anaïs Mohabeer: Crafting Her Life Beautifully Despite A Small Disability

Anaïs Mohabeer is deaf but thanks to a device she is able to have a hearing capacity of 10%. She is a young and charismatic lady living in Sainte-Claire, Goodlands. She is also enrolled in an agency and did a parade and professional photos.

But this girl who loves painting, makeup, football and dance (she has a beautiful dancing video of her in front of the Eiffel Tower), has a wonderful secret. In the house of his grandfather (who is in the same league as his own), she has built a workshop. While her parents are at work and she is alone in her world of muffled sounds, she handles with dexterity jigsaw, screwdriver drill, glue gun and cables. And she creates unique items, usually made from recycled materials. She has aligned her finest achievements on the table of the dining room: lamps made with bicycle handlebars, the floppy disks, truck wheel rims, small guitars etc.


The first words exchanged – she reads lips and answered – she speaks of passion for creating objects of her desire to show her masterpieces one day and show people that we can have a disability but at the same time, have many talents. “It is with my grandfather I learned everything. He showed me how to use these tools. Then, when he died, I continued. ”

Today, at 19, she just started classes at JR School to become an electrician (another of her dreams), found a way forward by creating beautiful things with her hands, filling her life dreams to realize and adventures to live her desired life in France, the country where she hopes to settle down.

Recent years have not been easy for the 19 year old girl. There were moments of doubt, sadness (with the loss of her uncle and her grandfather a few months apart). Moments of intense pain that her mother Magda tells us tearfully, where Anaïs did not want to step out from home.

“I think it was there that she realized she was different and she did not digest this well. She made a trip to France to the sister of Magda to learn to love life again, bad encounters, false promises and the ongoing battle against depression.

“I’m so happy to see her like that. His father and I, we always do our best to encourage and mentor her.”