[Breaking News] According To A Surveillance Camera: No One Entered The Cell Of Arvind Hurreechurn

The Central CID and the Major Crimes Investigation Team are working hard since Saturday October 29. The hearing of those who were present at the Moka Detention Centre on Saturday and Sunday continues.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

The analysis of the surveillance cameras (even if the quality is bad) just proved that there was no third person in the cell of the police before his death. On Saturday, the 30 year old police officer Arvind Hurreechurn, suspected to be drug smuggler, was arrested with two kilos of heroin on his landing off the plane.

He was found dead in his cell in the early morning of Sunday. The autopsy concluded his death by asphyxia due to hanging. He committed suicide in his cell and the post-mortem examination did not detect any sign of struggle on his body.

Prisoners and policemen who were on duty that night were also interviewed by investigators.

Although the images of the surveillance camera located in the cell # 14 are not good, however, data from a camera placed in the corridor did not show the presence of any third person during the minutes leading the death of the constable Arvind Hurreechurn.

On Tuesday, four police officers on duty in the night from Saturday to Sunday were heard by the bloodhounds of the MCIT. They claimed to have made rounds every half hour. Arvind Hurreechurn was behaving well during the inspection made before the discovery of his corpse.

They found that the prisoner was not in his cell. By searching the room, they saw him in a sitting position in the bathroom. He had a towel around his neck. The police cut the towel and tried to revive him, but without success.