Drama At Morcellement St-André: He Is Burnt Alive After His Motorcycle Exploded

“My only regret is not having seen my brother one last time…” Vinay Kissoonah still does not understand how his brother Kishen, 39, was killed after his motorcycle exploded.

Kisoonah Kishen, 39, dreamed of working on his own.

Kisoonah Kishen, 39, dreamed of working on his own.

His brother died in such horrific circumstances. Indeed, the victim was burned to death when his motorbike exploded on Monday October 31. He was then on the main road of Morcellement St-André.

His motorcycle unexpectedly took fire.

His motorcycle unexpectedly took fire.

The victim got third degree burns and he died on Tuesday November 1 at the Burns Unit at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. He was cremated at Daruty later in the day on Tuesday.

Videos of the drama are circulating on social networks since Monday. You can see the motorcycle on fire in a sugarcane field. Transformed into a human torch, Kishen Kissoonah, who worked as an assistant driver, rolled on the ground to try to extinguish the flames. But the dead sugarcane leaves added more fuel to the fire.

Motorists passing by vainly tried to isolate the fire. Kishen Kissoonah was urgently taken to hospital.

His brother Vinay said he keeps a good memory of him. Both were very close. Their hobby was fishing. “Nou inn al lapes Péreybère. Nou inn pas enn bon moman ansam. Nou ti kontan promné ansam.

On Sunday, they celebrated Diwali together. “Li ti kontan. Nou inn alim la lamp. Nou inn kwi gato.” Sadly, Vinay Kissoonah confides that his brother will not realize his dream. That of owning a truck and set up his own account.

An investigation was opened at the police station of Plaine-des-Papayes to shed light on the exact circumstances of the tragedy.