This 16 Year Old Mauritian Has Been Admitted To London School Of Economics!

16 year old Ryan Seethanah will be admitted to the London School of Economics next year. He will be the youngest Mauritian studying at this prestigious university. The question of age or whether he is ready for this new adventure will not even bother Ryan Seethanah. For him it will be a challenge and an honor to be the youngest student to join the London School of Economics. “I think everything is possible if one has the will. The amount of work is not a problem for me because I do not consider studies aa a burden. I took private lessons only in college, that to have more practice in certain subjects.”

And Ryan added: “My father always says” Aim for the sky so as to reach the cloud or else if you aim for only the cloud you will end up remaining on earth “. This sentence really inspires me to achieve my dream of becoming an economist or accountant. Although the situation regarding youth employment is not really rosy, I want to work in Mauritius and spend time with my family. I am among those who think the grass is not greener elsewhere,” he said. For some, to succeed brilliantly at such a young age is not given to everyone. His secret? It is about planning and ambition.


Aside from his passion for education, Ryan Seethanah is dedicated to leisure and social work. According to him, it is sufficient to manage time and work diligently. For example, while some deactivate their Facebook account during examinations, he preferred to use the platform as a tool to work with a group of friends. Besides his outstanding academic performance, he is also assistant coach at Bel Ombre of the football school.

His hobbies are football and golf. “I love outdoor activities and I assist my father in introducing children to football. I would also like to become a coach. ” Regarding social work, Ryan helps to preserve the environment by organizing clean-up campaigns and tree planting in Bel Ombre, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. “Putting sports within the reach of people is very important and it allows me to log out for a few hours of my daily routine.” he says.

For Ryan Seethanah, it is very important to balance social and academic life. He is against the idea of exerting too much pressure on students. He advocates restructuring the existing education system, saying that policymakers should take advantage of the fact that we live in the digital age. “I never took private lessons in elementary school, although the program is loaded. Education should not be commercial. I think the focus should be on developing the child’s personality. Teachers should be more involved. With technological developments, it is high time to move to digital books. And why not learning at home, as is the case in several countries? “With such ambitions, it is likely that Ryan Seethanah is predestined to a bright future.

Ryan Seethanah is the eldest of three children. This inhabitant of Bel-Ombre could be called genius. He attended the Bel-Ombre Govt School and Baie du Cap RCA School, where he got five A +. Although he was eligible for secondary education at the state college Sookdeo Bissoondoyal, he was admitted to Keats College for health reasons.

In 2014, while in Form III, he prepared for the School Certificate examinations and in December 2015, he won eight units. In March 2016, he was directly promoted Lower VI at the Royal Curepipe college. In June 2016, he obtained his Higher School Certificate (HSC), with honours in his principal subjects. However, he will make a new attempt to obtain a full certificate of HSC. His father works at customs (Mauritius Revenue Authority), while his mother is a housewife. According to Ryan Seethanah, his parents have been of great support during his academic career.