6-Year-Old Leukemia Patient: Deprived Of Treatment Since 3 Months

Methotrexate is an anti-cancer drug that treats certain types of cancer, such as leukemia. It blocks the enzymatic process to avoid duplication of cancer cells. The healing of the little Kevin, aged six, depends on it. Yet for three months, the little boy is deprived of this treatment. Is there a shortage of Methotrexate? His mother, Vimi Bokhory, based in Valetta, wonders.

Dr. Ragoobur, Superintendent of Victoria Hospital, first begs the question before answering in the affirmative. However, he ensures that the hospital has initiated procedures to obtain the drug. “In case of shortage of a drug, we always ensure the availability of a drug substitution,” said the superintendent, before indicating that the drug is available in the hospital. Kevin’s mother is happy again but regrets however that his son was deprived of his treament for three months: “He received no substitute during that time.


This medicine is essential for the healing of my son who fights against the disease since three years. His doctor warned me that to be effective the treatment should be continued. He therefore needs 650 ml of methotrexate every 15 days.

This could affect the health of my son. ” A situation that, according to her, the Ministry of Health have been avoided if action had been taken in time. “My son is not the only patient under treatment. The administration should have known that the drug was out of stock.

If the problem was the provider, another one could have provided the anti-cancer drug. I do not know whether the drug will have the desired effect because of the interruption of three months, “worries Vimi Bokhory.