63-Year-Old Mother Renuka Kandhaisingh: «Mo Garson Pu Touy Mwa Enn Zour»

Renuka Kandhaisingh can hardly sit on the only sofa in her living room. This 63 year old of Carreau Laliane is struggling to hide the pain gnawing at her heart. She has a sore body after the beating by her son Roshan on Sunday 23rd October while the latter was under the influence of alcohol.

The bus conductor of 35 years is now subject to an interim charge of ill-treatment of elderly person. He had to provide a deposit of Rs 8000 to regain freedom. Renuka Kandhaisingh says that she fears the worst now because it’s not the first time that she faced violence from her son. In a broken voice, the sexagenarian said: “I complained to the police because I was exhausted. He beat me several times with a wooden stick and an aluminium stick.Mo garson pou touy mwa enn zour. ”


Last Sunday evening, Roshan returned home completely drunk and her mother started crying on seeing him in this state. Her son then turned violent and broke a glass before her pulling hair, slapping, dragging her to the ground. “To pe fer mofinn to p plore” lashed him. The latter’s wife, Hema, even took a punch to the left eye by coming to the aid of his stepmother. She had to hide to not suffer the same fate.

It was only the next day that Renuka got up and looked for help from a neighbor. This has led to Sodnac Police Station where she recorded a statement against his son. She then went to the hospital with a Candos Form 58. “Dokter dir mwa pena okenn fraktir me mo ena buku Douler Akoz sa bann bate la.”

When questioned, Roshan summarizes this vicious attack to a “SINP problem fami”. His wife did not record any complaint this time unlike previously. She traveled with her father in Sadally to “sanz lair” before returning home to find his two young children.