[Exclusive Video] Stanley, Rose-Hill: Man Terrorizes Locals By Lighting Up A Gas Cylinder

The event took place in Stanley, Rose-Hill yesterday evening. Alain Nagayard, who is aged in his thirties and resident of the same locality is accused of lighting a gas cylinder and throwing it in the entry of a yard where lives some families.

The yard is situated between two streets. A young man was riding his motorcycle on the street when Alain Nagayard lashed some demeaning comments at him for apparently no reason at all. When the young man stopped to asked him what the matter was, Alain Nagayard used violence until the former fell on the road from his motorcycle.

Some of the young man’s friends who witnessed the incident from a nearby shop immediately came to his rescue and chased Alain. While trying to escape and make his way to his house, the group nabbed him in front of the yard mentioned above.

Watch video:

Alain was beaten up by the friends of the young man and apparently Alain thought that the families living in the yard were also among the ones who beat him up. He made up his mind about this considering that previously, he had been in  a conflictual situation with a person living in the same yard.

After this, he made his way to his house and returned with his brother after some time. He was carrying a gas cylinder. He lit a match before throwing the gas cylinder in the entry of the yard. Firemen had to be called to calm the situation.

Fortunately, every inhabitant of the yard were inside their respective houses. One source reveals that Alain is not mentally stable and no legal action can be taken against him since he is ill.

But the inhabitants of the locality consider him as a real danger to the peace of the surrounding and they are concerned about the safety of their children.