[Video] Crime In Résidences Barkly: The Suspect Charged With Murder

After five days in a psychiatric hospital, Jimmy Neerputh who confessed to killing his girlfriend Anaïs Marie Anna Lysa Jean appeared before the court in Rose Hill and meets a provisional charge of murder.

Police had objected to his release on parole and he was taken back into police cell. On Wednesday, the alleged murderer will be examined by a police doctor. He will then be interrogated.

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Anaïs Marie Anna Lysa Jean, 18, was found dead on Wednesday October 26 in her bathroom in résidences Barkly. She had her head in a bucket filled with water.

Her boyfriend Jimmy Neerputh who killed her, fled and attempted to end his life. But the police were able to arrest him. He said he suspected his girlfriend of infidelity. The investigation is under the supervision of the Superintendent Bansoodeb.