[Audio] Reena Rungloll Murder: Her Lover Reveals Story

After having denied killing the woman he had a relationship with on Thursday November 3, 32-year-old Amlesh Mahadewa has confessed his crime on Friday afternoon November 4.

Amlesh Mahadewa.

Amlesh Mahadewa.

Amlesh Mahadewa, known as Jimmy and residing Bois Cheri Road in Moka, told investigators where he killed and burned Reena Rungloll between Ébène and Trianon, near Bagatelle Dam.

Amlesh Mahadewa killed and burnt Reena Rungloll.

Amlesh Mahadewa killed and burnt Reena Rungloll.

Reena Rungloll, 32 and mother of two children, was reportedly missing since Monday October 31. A police investigation was opened after the disappearance of the resident of Petit-Verger, Saint-Pierre, and investigators from the Criminal Police [CID] Moka raided several areas of the island in the wake of this investigation .

Arrested on Thursday November 3, Amlesh Mahadewa initially denied having any involvement with the disappearance of Reena Rungloll. But on Friday November 4, he revealed having killed and burnt Reena Rungloll. He has told investigators that he picked up Reena Rungloll at Réduit aboard his 4×4.

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Amlesh Mahadewa says they then headed to a wooded path between Ébène and Trianon, where he killed Reena Rungloll. He then burned the corpse.

The charred corpse of Reena Rungloll was found at the spot indicated by the murderer. A reconstruction of events exercise took place on Friday afternoon November 4 in the presence of the assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Devanand Reekoye, Central CID boss, police superintendents (SP) Appaya and Ramgoolam, and officers from the Scene of Crime Office (Soco).

Amlesh Mahadewa was presented in court where a provisional charge of murder was brought against him. He remains in custody.