Murder In Barkly: Police Officers Secured The Bedsheet In Coromandel

Jimmy Neerputh, aged 21, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend, was conducted by investigators on a fallow land in Coromandel on Wednesday November 2.

Jimmy Beerput, boyfriend of Anais Jean.

Jimmy Beerput, boyfriend of Anais Jean.

He showed the place where he had tried to kill himself after killing his girlfriend Anais Jean. He tried to hang himself with a bedsheet. Investigators sent the cloth to scientific laboratories for analysis.

Jimmy Neerputh who was admitted to the psychiatric hospital of Brown Sequard since Thursday has left the facility on Tuesday November 1. He was charged in court for murder and was renewed in police cell. He will be examined by the police doctor on Friday November 4.

The investigation is conducted by sergeant Boodhoo and his team from the Barkly Criminal Investigation Division under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police Bansoodeb and the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jangi from the Divisonal Commander Western.