Reena Rungloll Stabbed And Burnt: Her Husband Relates The Last Moments

“It’s sad for my family and my children,” said Kavi, Reena’s Rungloll ‘s husband Rungloll on Friday 4th November. 34 year old Reena used to live in Petit-Verger, Saint-Pierre and was the mother of two children. She was killed before being burned by her lover Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa.

34-year-old Reena Rungloll.

34-year-old Reena Rungloll.

The charred body of Reena Rungloll was found on Friday afternoon, 4th November in the region of Moka near the Bagatelle Dam site. Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa, a 32 year-old resident of Bois-Cheri road in Moka has confessed his crime during interrogation and led investigators to where the body was.

Reena Rungloll was clerk in an offshore company and was missing since Monday 31st October 31. Her husband said that he had last seen her on the eve of Divali. “I left home at 6:00 [Monday, October 31] to get to work. She had gone jogging. I had not seen her, “says Kavi Rungloll.

The daughter Reena Rungloll  is in Std 5 had called her around 1pm. “Eventually, she did not answer the calls. I have reported her missing in the evening, “says Kavi Rungloll. Kavi Rungloll reveals that his marriage was not “100% OK” but that he lived together with Reena because of their children – the second is a toddler boy.

Kavi Rungloll said he had suspicions that his late wife had a relationship with the suspect Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa: “It is through these suspicions that the police conducted their investigation. ” The husband said they had tried to fix a problem before the family of the suspect: “I even talked with him [the suspect]. ” “Sipoze tou ti OK, mai par lasuit mo pa koner ki finn arive. Plizir dimunn inn dir mwa inn trouv zot ansam, me mo pa ti kroir bizin donn sa bann information la lapolis pou pa donn traka ban lezot fami”. Kavi Rungloll says he did not expect  sucha tragic end to his wife Reena.

Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa confessed to stabbing the victim in Reduit. The crime was committed in his 4×4. Then he carried the corpse in the Bagatelle Dame area before burning it.

Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa was presented in court where a provisional murder charge was brought against him. He remains in custody.