Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol: New & stricter Laws Soon

Reckless drivers should now be more cautious. The potential penalties for road users who do not respect the traffic rules will be tightened, said Transport Minister Nando Bhoda on Thursday, 3rd November.

It was part of the inauguration by CFAO Motors of the new showroom of Volkswagen automobile brand in straws. Amendments will be made to the Act, the Minister said. This will assist in fighting against the main factors of road accidents, namely driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding, but also the scene of an accident (hit and run).

Thus, offenders are liable to a fine of Rs 50 000 – instead of Rs 25000 presently – and up to five years in prison for driving while intoxicated. Repeat offenders are liable up to a fine of Rs 75,000 and a prison sentence of up to eight years.


The amendments will allow justice to temporarily suspend the driving license for two months if a road user is controlled with more than twice the allowed rate. This temporary suspension will also apply in case of refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test.

Cyclists refusing this test will suffer a fine of Rs 5 000. In the case of hit and run, the maximum time to get to the nearest police station will decrease from four to one hour. The aim is to prevent road users involved in accidents to leave for example, wait until their blood alcohol level drops.