Drug Trafficking In Mauritius: Accused Policemen Are Not “Victims”

Within just one month five policemen were pinned for trafficking or possession of drugs. Could there be shortcomings in recruitment and training? The inspector Jaylall Boojahwon concedes that there was indeed a certain laxity in recruitment. Today the police force pays the consequences. “Four years ago, the Federation of the police officers noticed that some recruits were involved in crimes, including drug trafficking. We then immediately alerted police commissioner and actions were taken. But the latter is convinced that neither the system nor the training are failing. “Those who are involved in drug trafficking do it for one reason: to make money quickly.

Not because they are poorly trained or presence of drug addicts. “The inspector Jaylall Boojahwon adding that” no police in the world is immune to corruption, but these are not some elements prevent the police from doing their job. ” And he acknowledged that the police are “human”but nevertheless, “drug trafficking is inexcusable.” The inspector Shiva Coothen of the Police Press Office, feels the same way. He says that “a tiny part of the police force is wormy and coaching is not the problem.

It is these sleuths who decide to give in to temptation. ” He stressed that these arrests should not prevent the public to have confidence in the police. When does a policeman become a suspect? According to the inspector Boojahwon, “in some cases we have suspicions about an officer, but without hard evidence to support this. We can not charge him. These are time-consuming investigations that are slow to bear fruit. ” For his part, the inspector Coothen  insists that ” la polis pa get figir.”


On 22nd September, Rooben Nair of the Very Important Personality Security Unit was caught in drug sales offense estimated at Rs 500 000. He then blamed Vijayen Moothoo of the Criminal Investigation Division of Quatre-Bornes. Subsequently, on 10th October the constable Tounaiven Armoogum was caught in the nets of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit. He had bought a dose of heroin during his working hours.

He indicated that he had procured for “kas yen.” And two weeks later on 25th October, Arvind Hurreechurn was intercepted off the plane with about Rs 30 million of heroin in his luggage. He was already in the sights of Customs. His arrest led to the arrest of two other men, including another policeman, Gary Gopaul.