Le Bouchon: Cargo Worth Rs 300,000 Stolen By A Porter At The SSR International Airport

Three laptops MacBook Air, six bottles of alcohol, cell phones, cosmetics, high-end perfumes and computer gadgets. This is the booty is estimated at Rs 300,000 and was found at the house of Jean Kersley Dario Macrime, a 37 year old porter of the SSR international airport.

After the search, the inhabitant of Bouchon was arrested on Tuesday 1st November before being brought before the court of Mahébourg. He is currently in police custody. This happened following a complaint from a Chinese national on September 29 and the police SSR airport commenced an investigation. The tourist said in his e-mail that after a few days after leaving the country for Germany on 22nd September, he found that his MacBook Air laptop was missing.


The assistant superintendent of police Vishnu Ramsamy then sent the case to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) from the airport. Inspector Rishi Kumar Sooknah and sergeant Lutchmun of the CID dealt with this case and this eventually led to the seizure of booty and arrest the suspect. Many of the items found during the search were in suitcases that were to be shipped in the cargo hold of the aircraft. During questioning, John Kersley Dario Macrime was quick to confess.

This porter was working for the company Alpha Cleaning since three years. The services of the latter employees are retained by ATOL at the airport to take care of the baggage prior to embarkation. John Kersley revealed to the investigators that he committed these thefts on five occasions this year where there were no surveillance cameras. The investigation was placed under the supervision of head of Central Criminal Investigation Department, the assistant police commissioner Devanand Reekoye.