Plaine-Magnien: 99-Year-Old Émile Gunness & Family Attacked By 3 Armed Men

Three masked and armed men carrying knives broke into at the home of 99 year old Emile Gunness Tuesday night who lives with her daughter and son in law. They assaulted them before taking flight, carrying booty of Rs 75 000. The couple filed a complaint for robbery. The attackers are sought.

Émile Gunness never imagined an experience with such trauma.  On Tuesday at 7.45 pm, three masked gunmen stormed into his house in Plaine-Magnien, where he lives with his daughter Suzie aged 67 and his son-in-law Franco aged 68. The nonagenarian has been bullied while trying to come between her daughter and the thugs. After gagged retirees, the thieves left with a booty of Rs 75 000. The couple filed a complaint for robbery to the police. The Criminal Investigation Plaine-Magnien Division opened an investigation. The attackers are sought. Emile Gunness will celebrate his 100th birthday on 10th December. His daughter says he is deaf in one ear.

“My father often told me to put the hook on the door, but I did not do that day,” says Franco. “We were watching TV and we mounted the volume for my father,” says Suzie. The door opened. A masked stranger lunged at Franco. Suzie thought he was a friend came to them as a joke. It was only when she saw the intruder attempting to strangle her husband she understood.


Two other masked men pounced on her. “They immobilized me and ripped me my gold chain,” recalls the lady. The thugs threatened Franco: “« Si to krye nou touy twa la ! Tonn gagn lotri, kot larzan la ete ? He said he’d never won the lottery and that he had no money.

Two of the attackers had placed a knife to the throat of Suzie, ordering her to keep quiet otherwise he would kill them all. « Mo papa inn leve. Bondie inn donn li kouraz. Linn dir zot : ‘pa tous mo tifi’. Bann voler inn pous li. Linn tonbe me linn releve. » One of the thugs led Franco to the dining room. He tied his hands and feet with tape. “Then the thief entered a room. He emptied cupboards and drawers, but he did not have much. ”

Suzie explained that the attackers had left her father in the living room. “They took me to another room. They took my bag containing my bank cards, two mobile phones, my ring and Rs 2 000. They then emptied the closet of my late mother, “she says.

Meanwhile, Franco took advantage of the fact that the thug who watched the exchange part to get rid of his bonds. “I sneaked through the next door before alerting the neighbors.” Noting that he had fled, the attackers rushed to the exit. A neighbor alerted police.