Pointe-aux-Piments: 19-Year-Old Assaulted Because Of A Love Affair

A 19 year old man was found lying on the road to Pointe-aux-Piments onTuesday night. He wore multiple injuries. Taken to hospital, he says he was attacked with a knife by a local resident for a matter of the heart. The suspect was arrested by the police of Trou-aux-Biches.

Kevin (pseudonym) was violently attacked with knives on Tuesday night in Pointe-aux-Piments. His attacker, a certain Chetanand aged 24 then abandoned him at the scene. After the assault, the victim fainted. Bystanders alerted the police of Trou-aux-Biches. On site, they found three plastic bags, gloves and rope. The injured was rushed to the  SSRN hospital at Pamplemousses where he underwent surgery.

Upon interrogation, Kevin told the investigators that Chetanand assaulted him with a knife. He could not provide more details. Arrested in the evening of Tuesday, Chetanand has confessed. He told the investigators that Kevin used to tease his girlfriend Sheeka. « Sheeka finn dir mwa ki Kevin pe bat lakol avek li e monn al demann Kevin enn lesplikasion, linn vexé e nou finn gagn diskision e monn pik li »he confessed. After interrogation he was taken into custody.


On Wednesday, he appeared before the Bail and Remand Court where he was charged with assault with intent. He was released on parole and has fulfilled his bail on Thursday. Kevin argues that it is a matter of the heart. “For four years I went out with Sheeka. Chetanand is jealous of this relationship because he likes Sheeka also. He does not like when I’m with her, that’s why he attacked me.  Li ti vinn pou touy mwa e koup mwa an morso. Sa mem linn amenn trwa gro sak ek lakord » said Kevin.

Sheeka explained her relationship with the two men. “I was dating Kevin for four years. Five months ago, he was arrested for theft. He was imprisoned for three months. During this period I met Chetanand. We fell in love. At his release, Kevin asked me to get back with him. Chetanand did not like it. That’s why they quarreled. Since that incident, I cut all contact with them, “recalls Sheeka. The investigation by the sergeant Veerabudren is supervised by the inspector Persand.