Accused Of Burning His Mistress: The Downward Spiral Of An ‘Exemplary’ Son

Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa described as “enn extra bon garson.” He confessed to have had burnt the body of Reena Rungloll. At the Bois-Chéri Street in Moka, Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa is described as a very good man. His name is on everyone’s lips since Friday 4th November. Since he confessed to having burned his mistress Reena Rungloll, whom he  cut the throat during an argument.


Neighbors who knew the 34 year old young man  do not understand how someone as “kind” as him could fall so low. The friendly relationship he has with his neighbors, Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa was built in just three years. For it is in 2013 that he came to live at the Bois-Chéri street with his wife and two children. These were, at the time, aged 2 years and a few months respectively. Especially since Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa has always been “good reputation”. Born to a schoolteacher mother and a policeman father, the eldest of the family first attended school Riche-Mare, Flacq. “Jimmy was extremely intelligent. He was always among the best in class, “says his mom. After excellent results in CPE, he joined the Mahatma Gandhi Institute.

Again, he passed his exams with flying colors and flew to the University of Greenwich, England, where he completed his Bachelor in Information and Computer Science. “I still do not think he could do such a thing. My child has always been exemplary, “insists her mother. If the family of Reena Rungloll reveal to be aware of the relationship entertained by the two lovers, on the side of Mahadewa we admit to not having heard of the case. “Li ek so madam ti korek” said the mother. ”

For four years he has worked in England,” she continued. After meeting his wife, Jimmy returned to Mauritius and took employment in Bramer Asset Management as Client Relationship Manager. It’s down there he would have met Reena Rungloll, broker to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Back on the street.  A young man tells him how he befriended the suspect at a wedding. Li ti the life of the party. Li ti enn dimounn bien korek ek ti pé met lanbians.»

A charge of murder may be brought against Jimmy Amlesh Mahadewa tomorrow on Monday 7th November when he will appear in court in Moka. The alleged killer of Reena Rungloll was presented in court under a provisional charge of Alleged sequestration on Friday.  Furthermore, examination of some bones of the corpse of Reena Rungloll, done during the day yesterday by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the forensic department of the police, to the morgue of Victoria Hospital Candos did not work. Samples were made for the purposes of DNA testing.