Goodlands: A CID Officer Assaulted With A Screwdriver In Front Of His Wife And Child

The police officer was victim of an act of revenge. The inhabitant of Goodlands, aged 37, assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division of the locality was attacked – in front of his child and his wife – by a group of individuals in the afternoon of Thursday November 3. One of them, armed with a screwdriver, attacked the police officer with a screwdriver.

The victim has been hospitalized.

The victim has been hospitalized.

Wounded in the eyebrow, he went to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses for medical care. He needed stitches to treat his wounds. The author of this attack is actively being sought. The incident occurred around 5:00 PM when the police officer was with his wife and child. All three were leaving a pharmacy when they were accosted by the thugs.

According to a source of information, the ‘screwdriver aggressor’ would be close to an individual involved in a robbery case. The victim went to court to object to the provisional release of the latter. Hence, this is the origin of the attack.