Melrose: Both Brother And Sister Arrested After Being Caught Throwing A Bag Over The Prison Wall

Both brother and sister were arrested on Thursday November 3 by the Prison Security Service members after swinging a bag containing two cell phones over the Melrose prison wall.

Melrose prison.

Melrose prison.

They were caught thanks to images from surveillance cameras before being sent to the police. They were brought to justice and remained in custody.

Vinod Appadoo, Commissioner of Prisons, warns those who attempt similar acts:

“The Melrose prison is a High Security Prison. On Thursday [November 3], brother and sister swung a bag containing two mobile phones over the wall of the prison. They were spotted by our security officers who arrested them. They have been identified.

“The boyfriend of the woman is in jail. An investigation is underway to find out how the request was made […] A system was put in place to ensure that no object passes over the prison wall. We will take severe actions,” launches Vinod Appadoo on Radio Plus.