Social Media: How Can It Destroy Relationships & Marriages?

A man slashed the face of his wife this week because of a message he had seen on her Facebook account. Social networks, which occupy an increasingly important place within families can weaken couples apparently. Lying on her hospital bed, she is still recovering from her injuries. She probably will keep the scar forever that her husband caused to her.

Corine Fra, a resident of Sagar Lane, Camp Caval, aged 37 and mother of a 16 year old girl, is at Victoria Hospital, Candos, since Thursday 27th October. Jhonny Fra would have slashed her face for a simple story related to Facebook. The lady said: “He has the password to my Facebook account. He can determine with whom I speak. Usually, I use Facebook to talk with relatives and friends, and surf on the pages of ads and online sales. He has his Facebook account and he is the only one who can access it. He deceived me repeatedly. I even came across messages on his cell where he woos women.” Corine Fra says that on Thursday 27th October she was in the kitchen at 09.30 p.m. when her husband approached her and began to rebuke her: « Li dir mwa ‘To bizin kit mo lakaz toudswit, to pe amenn rol ninport lor Facebook. Mo trouve to finn gagn enn mesaz bonne nuit.’ Mo dire li kisana kinn avoy mwa mesaz. Li koumans eksite e bat mwa. Mo tonbe e li pran enn kouto, li koup mo lazou e li dir ‘Zordi mo pou touy twa.»

For Roshnee, the problem is different. She says Facebook took too much space in her home. She said her husband spends all his time on the social network and talks to strangers. “One night we were in full frolic. Suddenly, he received a message on Facebook, I knew instantly by the ringing. He took his phone and I discovered along with it the message that said ‘Good evening, you are not sleeping?’ He continued for several minutes the conversation with this woman when I was right next door and I expected that we resumed what we were doing. ”


According Sourmally Noor, an expert in information technology and communication, “social networks have distorted human relationships and impede communication within households.” He believes that the evolution of their use in Mauritius is phenomenal as it was enough for them a few years to take an important part of Mauritian families.  Besides, everything is done to push users to “stay connected not to miss anything, because these platforms provide 24/7 information. All media use social networks to get news. ” But what connection between social networks and breakage within couples? According to Noor Sourmally, this constant connectivity, intrusive, changed the nature of human relationships.

The expert points out that direct conversations with family members have given way to virtual exchanges with strangers: “We have more friends online than in real life. “This could lead to extramarital encounters” he said. “Moreover, through social networks, we can easily find people who share our interests. These computing platforms automatically detect people who have the same passions as us. With instant and private discussion, we can talk to them without fear of being seen or heard by a third party, “said him. An opinion shared by sociologist Ibrahim Khooduruth.

He says that with the advent of social networks, families talk less and spend much time online. He highlights that trust should prevail in a couple: “When trust is lacking, it causes fear, suspicion. The other believes that there is something happening behind his back. ” The sociologist believes that everyone should have their secret garden, it is appropriate to maintain without offending the other: “Be connected on social networks does not necessarily mean a betrayal. When one partner in a couple is chatting with someone, he or she must have a certain maturity to know what he/she needs to talk … ”