Vallée-Pitot: About Fifty Persons Intoxicated After Eating At Sarbon Burger & Grill

On Monday October 31, the Ministry of Health issued an order to cease trade against the owner of a fast food in Vallée-Pitot. The products used by the trade are believed to have caused food poisoning to more than fifty people.

More than 50 people victim of food poisoning after eating grilled chicken at Sarbon Burger And Grill.

More than 50 people have been victims of food poisoning after eating grilled chicken at Sarbon Burger And Grill.

Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration were exhibited by about fifty people in Vallée-Pitot after being admitted to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo hospital and the Mediclinic of the locality, on Sunday October 30 and Monday October 31. One thing in common: they all consumed food purchased at a new fast-food retailer on the previous day, at boulevard Victoria in Vallée-Pitot. The fast-food opened its door a few weeks ago and sells kebabs and grills, among others. The majority of patients were allowed to go home after getting the necessary care.

However, on Sunday night, seven patients who had more severe symptoms were hospitalized. Izhaaq, one of the victims says he is recovering slowly after being contacted on Friday. He says he bought five grilled pieces of chicken on Saturday night from the dealer in question, that his relatives and himself consumed at dinner. “It’s on Sunday morning that my brother in law Ackbar and I started to suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, while the three other people who also consumed the same food did not feel anything special,” says Izhaaq .

Initially, they took drugs bought at the pharmacy but in vain. “Since we were both very weak in the evening we went to the hospital. There, I was surprised when the doctor asked me if I had eaten food purchased from this ready-to-eat merchant. I said yes and he then told me that more than thirty people came before me for the same reasons. They gave us an injection and suggested hospitalization to both of us. However, we refused because the brother-in-law is getting married on Tuesday November 1,” says the resident of Plaine-Verte. He added that he regularly eats fast food but it’s the first time he is the victim of food poisoning.

On Monday, officers from the health department of the Ministry of Health went to the merchant’s fast food snack in Vallée-Pitot. Samples of chicken and eggs were collected for laboratory analysis. According to a source, the department expects the test results to decide the way forward. They suspect that the mayonnaise prepared by the dealer could be the cause of the food poisoning. “Mais d’ores et déjà, et c’est la procédure normale, un ordre d’interdiction (stop order) a été servi au propriétaire. Il ne peut opérer jusqu’à la fin de l’enquête initiée par le ministère,” says our source.