Accident In Curepipe: 82-Year-Old Denise Risk An Amputation Of Her Legs

Denise J., 82, a resident of Eau Coulee was in a car with her son, 51, in the early evening Sunday November 6.

Denise J. risks an amputation of her legs after an accident.

Denise J. risks an amputation of her legs after an accident.

They stopped at a gas service station in Curepipe to refuel. The woman then went out of the car and told her son that she was going to visit a friend who has a shop not far away.

Meanwhile, a car driven by a resident of Curepipe, who had to refuel struck her. She was seriously injured in her feet and was taken to the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital in Rose-Belle, where she conducted tests. According to the first medical reports, she had crushed feet.

The injured was then transferred to Victoria Hospital in Candos where she was admitted after undergoing surgery. Her condition is considered stable and will need further intervention.

As for the car driver, he was taken to the police station in Curepipe where he conducted an alcohol test which proved negative. “Kan mo ti pe sorti depi kot filling, soley finntap en plin lor mo visaz e mo pann trouv madam la. Kan monn tann krye, monn aret mo loto toutswit,” he told investigators. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home.

On her hospital bed, Denise J. says she is suffering and the pain is unbearable. “The driver struck me and I fell. ‘Sofer la finn roul de fwa lor mo lipied’. I have had several fractures to the feet. Having struck me, he came out from his vehicle and he apologized. I suffered a lot and I felt very bad. The doctors told me that I risk an amputation. I’m in shock since doctors told me about it,” she said.

His son does not hide his anger. “My mother could have lost her life. This driver should have been more careful. I want a thorough investigation to be made,” he stressed.
The investigation, conducted by the sergeant Dialava, is under the supervision of chief inspector Sewpal.