Mare-La-Chaux: A Motorcyclist Without Driving Learner Collides With Two Cars And Killed

Ryan Bathilde, 19, a resident of Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche who was on a motorcycle collided with a taxi and a parked car. The accident occurred at Quatre Cocos Branch Road, Mare-La-Chaux, in the early hours of Sunday, November 6. He did not have a driving ‘learner’ and succumbed to his injuries.

Ryan Bathilde dies in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Ryan Bathilde dies in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Where was Ryan Bathilde going at that time? That is the question his family are asking. According to a statement, he would have left his house on Saturday around 10:00 PM, without telling his family where he was going. He was on a motorcycle and when he reached at Quatre Cocos Branch Road, he collided with the side of a car that was negotiating a turn and another parked car. Seriously injured, he was rushed to the Flacq Hospital. After three hours, he unfortunately pushed his last breath.

His body was transferred to the morgue of the Victoria Hospital in Candos for autopsy which attributed his death to multiple injuries.

The taxi driver, Girish G., 30, a resident of Camp de Masque Pavé and the driver of the parked car, Joanito B., 27, a resident of Mare-La-Chaux, both conducted a breath test which proved negative.

Without permission
Girish G. explains that the motorcyclist was traveling at high speed. The owner of the parked car said he was at home and did not know the circumstances of the accident.

On Sunday, the two drivers appeared before the Bail and Remand Court for their charge. They each provided a deposit of Rs 7 000. They will appear in court in Flacq on Monday .

Ryan’s brother Steed was questioned by the Belle Mare police officers. He told investigators that his brother had no ‘driving learner’. “Ryan finn pran mo motosiklet 125 cc san mo permision. Ryan pann dir personn kot li pe ale,” he told investigators. After giving his version of the facts to the police, he was released.

Steed was in shock. “Si Ryan m’avait dit qu’il devait sortir avec ma motocyclette, je l’aurais empêché, car il ne détient pas de learner. Personne ne sait où il allait. Il aimait la motocyclette. Toute la famille est bouleversée par cet accident. Il était trop jeune pour mourir. J’ai été choqué lorsque les policiers m’ont appelé pour m’apprendre son décès,” he says.

Marie-Lourdes, 58, Ryan’s aunt said to be saddened and shocked by the accident. “Ryan et moi vivions dans la même cour. Il avait quitté la maison vers 22 heures. Il croquait la vie à pleines dents. ‘Kan mo dir Ryan fer enn travay pou mwa, li fer li deswit et zame li refiz mwa’. Il était calme et gentil. Il aimait les promenades,” says Marie-Lourdes.

Ryan Bathilde ‘s funeral was held on Sunday afternoon.