Medical Negligence At SSRN Hospital: A Dead Baby Handed To The Parents

“It’s horrible ! Our family is not sleeping since November 1.” Paula, a resident of Terre-Rouge, relates the ‘ordeal’ that her family lives since the SSRN hospital horribly gave them the mutilated body of a the stillborn baby of her daughter Tatiana.

SSRN Hospital

The direction of the northern health institution will initiate an investigation. The Madré family will refer the matter to the Medical Council. There are no words for Paula to describe the suffering experienced by her daughter.

“Tatiana, aged 18, was excited to be a mother for the first time. A happiness that she will not experience any time soon.” Her stillborn baby was buried on Wednesday November 3. A loss that Tatiana refuses to accept, since the delivery showed no abnormality.

” Tatiana et son compagnon de 21 ans avaient préparé le trousseau du bébé. Tout était fin prêt pour accueillir cette naissance. D’ailleurs, quand ma fille a été admise à l’hôpital, dans la soirée du 31 octobre, aucune anomalie n’a été décelée. L’infirmière lui a dit qu’elle accoucherait le lendemain. Ce fut un choc pour moi d’avoir ma fille en larmes, au bout du fil, le 1er novembre, pour m’annoncer la mort de son bébé. Le plus affreux, c’était de voir l’état de ce petit corps qui nous a été remis, enroulé dans un drap blanc,” says Paula.

“The small body had martyred bruises. Its members were fractured, the hair pulled out. This battered body testified to the violence with which it has been extirpated from the womb of his mother. All family members have been traumatized by this vision. I prevented my daughter to see her child. Alas, the father was not spared by this horrible scene. Since then, he no longer closes the eyes at night,” added Paula.

Dr. Ismet Nawoor, Regional Health Director of the Northern hospital became aware of the case. He invites the parents to register a formal complaint on Monday November 7. After which, he says, an internal investigation will be initiated to determine the circumstances of the death of Tatiana’s baby.

The Regional Health Director also expressed his incomprehension as to the condition of the body that has been given to the parents. He explains that “after an autopsy, the medical examiner’s duty is to put the body in a suitable condition to relatives. Ditto for a stillborn.” Dr. Ismet Nawoor added that sanctions will be taken in this matter, if it is established that, indeed, there have been negligence by the hospital staff.