Trou-Aux-Biches: Small Girl Found With Blood Stains On Her Clothes; Police Suspect Sexual Abuse

A five year old girl who lives in a suburb of the village went in the company of her family to the beach in Trou aux Biches on Sunday November 6. At around 2:00 PM, her father noted her disappearance and immediately alerted the police of the locality.

The Trou Aux Biches police has opened an investigation.

The Trou Aux Biches police has opened an investigation.

After half an hour, a man who was at the same place saw the girl weeping bitterly. He immediately notified the police. The sergeant Arnasala and his team were summoned to the scene and were able to find the child after about three hours of search.

The girl, who appeared traumatized, was taken to a clinic. On finding traces of blood on her clothes, the doctor on duty referred the case to the police. The girl was transferred to the SSRN hospital where she was admitted.

The Child Development Unit executives interviewed the little girl but she could not stop crying and say much about the incident. The police, who suspect the girl was sexually abused, has opened an investigation.

According to information gathered at around 11:00 PM, the father was taking steps to bring his child home.

The investigation by the sergeant Arnasala is under the supervision of the Chief Inspector Cooroopdass.