[Video] Solitude: Fire And Gas Cylinder Explosion; The Owner Relates

There was a big mobilization in the course of the day of Sunday October 6 in Solitude. An intense fire broke out in a multi-storey building, housing shops and houses for rent. If no injuries were reported, the damage are themselves consistent. In one house, a gas cylinder has even exploded. The circumstances of the fire remain unclear.

Watch video:

“The police brought me down with a ladder because I was upstairs. When I went down, the fire had already spread throughout the building and a gas cylinder exploded in one of the houses to be rent,” said Zheed Jeenally and Zareenah Jeenally, the building owners. “Lokater kot bonbonn gaz ine éklaté là dir nanié pas ti alimé,” they added.

Zheed Jeenally said experts from the Central Electricity Board (CEB) will travel to Solitude this Monday November 7 to take samples. These will then be analyzed to try to determine the cause of the fire.