Plaine-Verte: A Trader Attacked By Two Hooded Men

A 50 year old trader had a bad quarter of an hour on Sunday evening November 6. He was the victim of a robbery.

Murder Crime Scene

In his complaint to the police station of Plaine-Verte, the fifties, who lives in Pamplemousses Road, Plaine Verte, said he was asleep when a noise woke him up.

He said he then found that two individuals wearing hoods and gloves broke into his room. “‘Sa de dimounn-la finn atas mwa ek zot finn donn mwa enn sibstans likid pou avale.’

They tortured me with a taser and ordered me to reveal the code of my safe. Fearing for my safety, I had to open the safe and the thugs took away Rs 300,000 that were inside,” said the trader to investigators.

He added that he has a warehouse on the ground floor of his house. Police has opened an investigation.