Vallée-des-Prêtres: 8-Year-Old Suhayna Could Have Lost Her Life After A MT Pylon Fall

The incident occurred on Friday November 4 around 3:30 PM in Vallée-des-Prêtres, where the fall of a Mauritius Telecom pylon made a slight injury to an 8-year-old girl.

The father of the girl believes that the fall of the Mauritius Telecom poll could have serious consequences.

The father of the girl believes that the fall of the Mauritius Telecom pylon could have serious consequences.

Suhayna M., an 8 year old girl, was playing on the terrace of a neighbor when the pylon fell. “Luckily my daughter was playing under a grid. Otherwise, she would have suffered serious injuries,” says RashidallyM., the father of Suhayna.

The bus receiver, aged 40, laments the fact that nothing has been done, according to him, though Mauritius Telecom was informed earlier that one of their pylons had collapsed in Maudabux Lane in Vallée-des-Prêtres.

On Friday November 4, Suhayna was playing on the terrace of a neighbor. She was in the company of other children of her age. At around 2:00 PM, a Mauritius Telecom pylon collapsed and landed on a wall.

Panicked, the locals go through the service 150 to report this fall. One of them is asked to contact the service at 8902, according to Rashidally. Something that was made.

But at 3:30 PM, the pylon broke away from the wall to fall on the asphalt, injuring Suhayna on the way. She had the middle, ring and little finger of the right hand scratched.

“Mo finn al station Abercrombie. Mai zot finn dir moi al lopital pou soigne mo tifi. Le 7 novam ki mo finn fer mo depozition laba. Rapor medical dir ki pa finn ena fracture. Mai mo tifi pe touzour soufer,” recounts Rashidally.

He says he does not intend to remain idle. He said he contacted a lawyer to initiate legal proceedings against Mauritius Telecom. He has claim damages because of the fall of the pylon, he said, and this could have had very serious consequences to his child.

Sought for a reaction, Karishma Beeharee, responsible for Mauritius Telecom communication said that an investigation was launched to determine the circumstances of the fall of the pylon.