[Video] Robbery With Violence At Trou-Fanfaron: «Si To Pa Done, Nou Pou Touy Twa»

The director of VK Exchange experienced one of the worst experiences of his life. On Monday morning, he was attacked by three individuals who were waiting in his office in Port Louis. After assaulting him, the thugs left with a booty of Rs 4 million. The sleuths of the Crime Branch of Port-Louis North are investigating.

VK Exchange, a currency exchange office at Trou-Fanfaron, was robbed by four armed and hooded criminals. The sum of Rs 4 million was taken away.

On Monday at around 06.50 a.m., the manager of VK Exchange opened the shutters of his office. Once inside, he came across three armed and hooded individuals. He could not escape and was attacked by the burglars.

Under threat, he was forced to close the shutters before being thrown to the ground. The thieves tied up his hands and feet with a telephone cable. The thugs asked him to hand over all the money he had in his office as well as the password for a safe. « Si to pa done, nou pou touy twa » said one of the individuals.


Fearing for his safety, the Director submitted to their demands. ” « Monn dir zot ki ena larzan dan bann kof e zot inn devid tou kof ki ti ana larzan. Mo ena enn magazin a kote. Zot inn al laba e zot inn kokin kas », said the director to investigators. He added that his attackers wanted him to give them the password of a safe containing Rs 6 million. “I told them that I had forgotten the secret code.

One of them had a sword and he became violent. I was traumatized and I did not remember the password. He assaulted me in the head. He could have killed me, but his accomplices made him see reason, “said the director to the bloodhounds of the criminal brigade of Port-Louis North. After having considered all the money that was within their reach, the suspects fled. A quarter of an hour later the director was released by a vegetable seller.

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The gardener, noting that the exchange office of the shutters were half open, entered the premises. He then saw the director in an awkward position. He released him before informing the police. The injured was taken to the Jeetoo hospital. He was able to go home later. After a first observation, the director VK Exchange indicated that an amount of Rs 4 million was stolen.

“There was at least Rs 6 million in another safe, but they could not steal the money. Mo pa kone kouma bann voler-la inn resi rantre parski kan monn ouver shutters, zot ti deza andan », He handed the images captured by the surveillance cameras to the investigators. Investigators have already viewed them. They are working hard to track the suspects. The survey, conducted by the inspector Soobul, is under the supervision of the ACP Madhow.