[Exclusive] Police Officer Arvind Hurreechurn: Planned Murder Or Suicide? Read!

The suicide of the former police officer Arvind Hurreechurn remains unclear to many people. He was found dead at the Moka Detention Centre on Saturday night 29th October.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

The autopsy revealed that he died by asphyxiation in a sitting position. The victim had apparently hanged himself with a towel which was tied to a sink.
But several details regarding the suicide remain confusing. Firstly, the image analysis of the surveillance camera overlooking the cell of the deceased police officer could not be done accurately. It was said that the images were of poor quality.
Secondly, his suicide came as a complete shock considering that he did not show any suicidal tendencies while in cell. In fact, many witnessed that he was having a good rapport with other prisoners and was even heard humming Bollywood songs.

Thirdly, some still find it unbelievable for the latter to commit suicide in a sitting position. An inmate revealed that the infrastructure of the cell made it almost impossible for anyone to commit suicide in this position. Even doctor Satish Boolell revealed that every single detail of the body’s position should be well analysed so establish such a conclusion.
The circumstances of this tragedy still remain puzzling for many and the mother of the former police officer refuses to believe that her son could take such a huge step.

Recap: Former police officer Arvind Hurreechurn was arrested on Thursday morning 27th October. Heroin worth 35 million rupees was found in his possession.

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