[Explicit] Trou-Aux-Biches: “Mone Paniké Kan Mon Trouv Ene Calebasse Sinoi Lor Ene Pié Badamié”

The incident took place yesterday night at around 11.45 p.m  at Trou-aux-Biches public beach. Three friends decided to go fishing and as excited as they were, their joy turned into confusion a few minutes later.


While enjoying themselves, it started raining heavily making the atmosphere gloomy. The three young men rushed for safety and they found shelter under a “Badamier” tree near a boat house. Raju (name changed), one of the three friends, got completely confused on hearing strange sounds coming from the tree.

See more photos below:


As he looked above using his torch to get a better view, he saw a bat on the tree. When trying to decipher what the bat was up to, he was surprised to see this strange fruit tied to the tree. The fruit, which he described as ‘ene calebasse chinois’ was tied up to the tree. He said  “Mone paniké kan mon trouv ene calebasse sinoi lo ene pié badamié.”

Petrified by this awkward sight, Raju stepped away from the tree. While his friends laughed at him, they were left awestruck too when they saw this strange fruit tied up to the Badamier tree.

The question remains: Why was this fruit tied up to the tree? Who did it? Was it done intentionally to grab the attention of passerby or does it serve as other purposes?