Mahébourg: The Presence Of Drug Users In An Abandoned House Disturbs

An abandoned house is a source of concern for the occupants of the neighboring houses. An elderly man, living in the area, expressed his fears for his safety on Xplik ou K on Monday November 7.

Drug users in an abandoned house disturb the neighborhood.

Drug users in an abandoned house disturb the neighborhood.

“It would seem that this house has been abandoned because of lack of ownership to maintain it. The previous occupants have died, and there seems to be no heir to maintain this property. Shady individuals, especially drug addicts, take advantage of this windfall. They come to take refuge there and some also take advantage of it to sleep there at nightfall … ”

Public security
“This house is situated on Rue Maurice, just opposite the magistracy of Mahébourg,” explains the disillusioned listener. The authorities can not pretend to ignore these comings and goings of these individuals. What is the police waiting for to act? And can’t local authorities take measures to ensure that this property is not left in this state? It is a matter of public safety.”

Solicited for a comment, the Corporal Bernard Moothoosamy of the Police Press Office said he had already mentioned this case to the Divisional Commander of the South. He points out to be in talks with elements of the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit for a site visit.