New Grove: 41 Sheep Stolen In One Night; Owner Need Your Help To Find Culprits

Sanjay Horil is an inhabitant of Gros Billot, New Grove. He is self-employed and earns his daily living by rearing sheep. He used to have 41 in total until his life changed on Saturday 5th November.

The thieves entered the stable from here.

The thieves entered the sheep stable from here.

On that night at around midnight, some thieves broke the gate of the latter and got inside the shelter area of the 41 sheep. They stole all of them. Sanjay suspects that the burglars took the animals and transported them in a lorry.

See photos below:


He is making an appeal to the people living in the vicinity or any other who could have spotted a lorry carrying several sheep on Saturday 5th November around midnight.
Sanjay further reveals that he is in dire financial condition now considering that rearing sheep was his only way to repay his loans.
He is thus making a humble request to those who might have spotted a lorry carrying his sheep in the vicinity of New Grove to contact him on: 59166263.