Plaine Verte: Zubeida Rassool Saib Dies After Being Burnt In A Domestic Accident

Sad end for Zubeida Rassool Saib. The 78-year-old inhabitant of Plaine-Verte was severely burned on Sunday November 6 after her clothes caught fire while she was boiling water. At 9:12 AM on Tuesday November 8, the victim gave her last breath.

Murder Crime Scene

Zubeida Rassool Saib did not survive her burns. On Sunday at 8:15 AM, she was at home in the kitchen and was boiling water. At one point, her clothes caught fire. She was alone at home at that time. She was able to put out the fire as she could. At the same time, her son Khalid, 43, returned home. On seeing that her mother was severely burned, she was urgently taken to the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo Hospital, where she received first aid. She was then transferred to the Victoria Hospital in Candos, where she was admitted to the Burns Unit.

On Tuesday, the victim succumbed to her burns. The autopsy practiced by Dr. Prem Chamane, a forensic doctor, attributed the death of the septuagenarian following a “shock due to extensive burns”.

Khalid, the son of the deceased, is shocked: “My mother and I lived alone and it was she who was cooking. ‘Dimans gaz ti fini ek monn al laboutik pou pran bonbonn. Mo mama ti pe bwi dilo pou bwar dan la zourne parski dilo abitie arete. Mo finn dir mo mama mo pe al rod enn transpor ek mo pou retournn vit.’ I went home in less than three minutes. When I went into the kitchen, I saw my mother lying on the floor and she had severe burns.”

“She suffered a lot”
Khalid says the whole family is upset: “The whole family is shocked. It is a great loss. On Sunday, when I saw the burns on my mother’s body, it traumatized me. She suffered a lot. She was always cautious when she was in the kitchen. I do not know how her clothes caught fire. The whole family is afflicted. I feel lonely because my mother was always by my side. She always gave me good advice and always told me to help people who are in need.”

The funeral of Zubeida Rassool Saib took place on Tuesday November at 3:00 PM.