Trou-Aux-Biches: The Owner Of A Villa Caught Having Sex With Two Ladies By The Police

For three weeks, the Trou-aux-Biches police was on the radar after getting information that a villa in the region turned into a brothel. As a result, the residence was under police surveillance.

Vipine S. told investigators that he rented the villa for two months.

Vipine S. told investigators that he rented the villa for two months.

An activity that was successful: on Tuesday November 8, the manager, Vipine S., 34, was surprised with two women, Jesnee M., 26, and Cynthia A., 24, in a room. They were in full action when the policemen entered the room.

In another room, Ragni S., 34, mother of three children, was in a compromising position with a 58-year-old man who lives in Triolet. The latter explained to the investigators that he often comes to this villa to have sex with women against payment. “I paid Rs 500 for having sex with Ragni,” he told the investigators. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home.

Vipine S. told the investigators that he has been renting the villa for two months. “When I met these three women, I suggested them that they come to work in the villa instead of working on the streets,” he told the investigators. Asked about the threesome, he said he loves sex. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home.

As for Jesnee M., Cynthia A. and Ragni S., they claim to have met Vipine S. two months ago. “We met him while we were on the sidewalk. Nou ti pe tras nou lavi lor simin e Vipine finn propoz nou pou fer dan vila,” they said.


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Three customers per day
Jesnee M. and Cynthia A. say they received Rs 500 each from Vipine to have sex with him. “Nou gagn trwa ou kat klian par zour. Ban klian la pey Vipine Rs 1 500 et nou gagn zis Rs 500,” added the three women. After their interrogation, they were allowed to return home.

The three suspected prostitutes and the manager will appear before the tribunal of Pamplemousses this Wednesday November 9. Vipine S. faces two interim charges: “brothel keeping” and “engaging in prostitution”. As for the three women, they will be charged with “engaging in prostitution”. The owner of the villa was heard by the investigators and said he was not aware of this case.

The investigation, led by Sergeant Arnasala, is under the supervision of Chief Inspector Cooroopdass.