Air Mauritius: Megh Pillay Resigns As Director (Read His Letter)

Megh Pillay sent a letter to Air Mauritius on Thursday (November 10th) in which he submitted his resignation as director of the board of the national aviation company and of the subsidiaries where he sat.

Megh Pillay.

Megh Pillay.

Megh Pillay, dismissed from the post of CEO of Air Mauritius on Friday October 28, does not participate in the meeting of the board held since 10:00 AM. In his letter, he felt it was not appropriate for him to sit on the board of directors of the national aviation company.

Megh Pillay’s letter

Dear Board Directors

The majority shareholders of both Air Mauritius Holdings Ltd and Air Mauritius Limited had been unanimously elected by their respective General Meetings of Shareholders.

I came to a major disagreement with the non-executive Chairman of the Board on an issue of corporate governance by refusing to perform the duties of a non-executive chairman. Mauritius Limited. The said employee had challenged my integrity and authority on the legal advice, he was willing to give his explanations before an independent Disciplinary Committee. Unfortunately, whatever is reproached to me did not meet with the same procedural fairness.

As the majority shareholder has now made clear his position on the termination of my appointment as Chief Executive Officer, I deem it inappropriate for me to continue to serve as Director of both companies.

I am, accordingly, tendering my resignation as Director of the Boards of the Subsidiary Companies:

Mauritius Estate Development Corporate Limited
Pointe Cotton Resort Hotel Company Ltd
Airmate Limited
Air Mauritius Holidays Limited
Mauritius Helicopter Limited
I have been a member of the United Arab Emirates for a number of years, A national pride.

I wish you all plenty more success as you move on.

Best regards

Megh Pillay, C.S.K.