[Audio] Accused By Paul Bérenger: “Big Boss” Shares His Version

The “Big Boss”, which alluded the leader of the Opposition Paul Berenger and the MMM press conference on Saturday 5th November defends himself.

Interviewed by Radio Plus on Thursday afternoon November 10th after Paul Bérenger has submitted his name on a piece of paper to the commission of inquiry into drugs, “Big Boss”, who is the brother of a “parliamentary” denies being involved in any drug trafficking.

Listen to audio:


Owner of a gambling house in Rivière du Rempart, he claims to have no problem to testify before the commission of inquiry into drugs if he is summoned. He also justifies his movements in Madagascar. “I’m not in the drug trade. I am a bookmaker. I see no link. I earn my living well. If the commission [of inquiry] shall call me, it is with pleasure that I will go there. I often travel to Madagascar. We have offices from Paris and several stores in Madagascar, “he told Radio Plus.