Forest-Side: Accident At Winner’s Supermarket; Justice Delayed For Mrs Francoise Ballgobin

The incident unfolded on the 16th of April 2016 at around 7.20 p.m. Mrs Ballgobin had just finished work and was walking in the direction of the exit door in the compound of Winners supermarket at Forest-Side. On the exit door it was clearly written No-Entry for vehicles.

Mrs. Francoise Ballgobin.

Mrs. Francoise Ballgobin.

Just as the lady was nearing the exit door, a lorry dashed into the No-Entry lane and hit her brutally. She was thrown several metres away. Several people including workers of Forest-Side’s Winners supermarket branch witnessed the horrifying incident.
Shockingly, the lorry pulled into reverse trying to escape the accident. Thankfully, a worker managed to run after he vehicle and noted down its identification number which is 7779 Oct 04. When the police arrived, the lady was transported to Candos Hospital for treatment.

However, the husband of the latter argues that the police did not take out a form 58 despite knowing it was a hit and run incident. He then decided to go the police station and managed to ask for a form 58. At the hospital, Mrs Ballgobin was given coughing medicine and Panadol by the doctor who apparently was not aware that she was violently hit by a vehicle.
On Monday morning, Mrs Ballgobin had to be urgently admitted at the Clinique de Lorette in Curepipe. She underwent several tests and scans and doctors found that she got a few pebbles in her head following the accident.
Mr Ballgobin made much effort to convince the police officers who dealt with this matter to trace the driver of the lorry but each time the case was delayed. Even if there is proof of the hit and run (photos from the camera surveillance of Winners supermarket), Mr Ballgobin is still fighting for justice.
He even appointed a lawyer to ensure that the matter is seriously looked into. The last time he went to the police station to inquire about the situation was in October. And surprisingly, he was just told that the sergeant who dealt with this case has been transferred.