Palmar: A Police Officer And His Accomplice Arrested For Theft

A tourist was attacked by three individuals on the Palmar beach on Tuesday November 8. Two suspects, including a suspended police officer and a recidivist, were arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday by the Bel-Air CID, in collaboration with the CID of the Central Division. They confessed.

Vinay Jankeeparsad and Zahir Chady.

Suspended police officer Vinay Jankeeparsad and Zahir Chady.

A French woman was walking on the Palmar beach on Tuesday when an individual approached the tourist to steal her bag containing two laptops and an i-Pad. The value of the objects carried away is estimated at Rs 40,880. The suspect fled aboard a 4×4, a green Toyota Hilux. Two accomplices were on board the vehicle. The suspects were traveling in a stolen vehicle with a false license plate.

Bel-Air CID bloodhoods, with the collaboration of the CID of the Central Division, went to Bonne-Terre in Vacoas to question one of the suspects. Vinay Jankeeparsad (24) is a policeman currently suspended from his duties. He was arrested in 2013 for possession of stolen goods: he bought a laptop from a thief.

At the premises of Bel-Air’s IDC, Vacoas, the police officer confessed. “I was driving the stolen 4×4 and I was involved in this theft. One of my accomplices, Zahir Chady (30), attacked the tourist and took her bag. The other accomplice, still on the run, is the mastermind of the theft. The stolen vehicle was found in the area of Trou-d’Eau-Douce.
After his interrogation, Vinay Jankeeparsad was detained. Zahir Chady was arrested on Tuesday night. He also confessed. “We stole the vehicle from a Phoenix resident and we changed the license plate.”

On Wednesday, Vinay Jankeeparsad and his accomplice appeared before the court of Flacq. They were charged with “larceny more than two in number”. The police objected to their release and were returned to the cell.

The investigation conducted by Sergeants Ruttun and Doorgah is supervised by Inspector Motee.