Pont Praslin: Motorcycle Engulfed In Flames

A youngster was riding a motorcycle in Pont Praslin when he was completely panic-stricken when something unusual happened.

The young man trying to put out the fire with water.

The young man trying to put out the fire with water.

The latter’s motorcycle burst into flames all of a sudden. It is suspected that this might have been caused by a lit cigarette that could have possibly been thrown by a passerby minutes ago he passed by that lane.

The motorcycle did not have any headlights. The young man decided to extinguish the fire by throwing buckets of water at the flames. This could have aggravated the situation if much oil would have leaked from the motorcycle. Had the water propagated with the leaked oil, the impact could have been worst.
But thankfully, the young man was not hurt. Most motorcycles in Mauritius are not equipped with fire extinguishers which could prevent several disasters such as the above described one. Motorcyclists should be equipped to face such scenarios for their own protection and for the safety of other as well.