Allegations Of Crook: Two Cousins Defrauded Rs. 350, 000 By A Young Woman

Two residents of Petit-Raffray, aged 30 and 34, were reportedly trapped by a young woman. They had given her a sum of Rs 350,000 to invest in a business. The suspect was arrested on Monday November 7.

Lovashi, 26, conceded having received money from both cousins.

Lovashi, 26, conceded having received money from both cousins.

They lost everything by the will to win everything. Kushal (*), a 30-year-old operator, and his cousin Kevin (*), a 34-year-old cook, filed a complaint against a young woman of 26, Lovashi, whom they accuse of fooling them. According to their testimonies recorded in June at the police station of Goodlands, they had handed Rs 350,000 to the young woman. She alleged that the money was going to be invested in a business and would yield interest of 20% monthly.

In his testimony, Kushal said he met Lovashi, a colleague of his mother, in August 2015. “‘Lovashi finn dir mwa li ena enn bizness kot bann dimounn investi larzan e gagn ledoub.’ She told me that I would get 20% interest per month. I then contracted a bank loan of Rs 150,000 and handed over the money to Lovashi. She told me that it would bring me Rs 30,000 each month. Kevin, Kushal’s cousin, alleges that he gave Rs 200,000 to Lovashi after he contracted a bank loan.

The two alleged victims say they have not got anything in return as a result of these investments. They add that whenever they phoned the young woman about their money, the latter would have given them various pretexts.

Contacted by Défi Quotidien, Kushal confides his dismay: “I borrowed Rs 150,000 to invest in this so-called business. I told myself that I would get interest of Rs 30,000 and that it would help me to secure the future of my children. ‘Aster, mo finn retourn a zero e mo bizin ranbours mo loan. Mo bizin travay de trwa plas pou mo kapav ranbourse e nouri mo fami.'”

His cousin Kevin, who is single, is equally distraught. He reveals that he met Lovashi through Kushal: “Lovashi presented me with this alleged plan and knew that I have a house to build, I borrowed Rs 200,000 and I gave everything to Lovashi. But she deceived us and I lost everything. ”

The suspect was arrested on Monday November 7 by the Goodlands police. Interrogated by the investigators, she confessed to having received this money. “My cousin told me to look for potential investors for her business. ‘Mo finn rod ban klian pou li et sa ban larzan ki monn pran ek Kushal e Kevin, mo finn donn tou mo kouzinn.’ I do not know anything about her business and she is currently abroad,” she told the investigators.

After her interrogation, she appeared before the tribunal of Pamplemousses under two temporary charges of fraud. To recover conditional release, she had to provide two sureties of Rs 25,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively. The investigation, conducted by Sergeant Beebeejaun, is under the supervision of Inspector Bundhoo.

* Modified first names