Drama In Cottage: Deeya Mattapullut, 11, Dies Of Her Burns

The drama was played in an instant. The fire took to her clothes and wrapped the little girl. A month later, she succumbed to her severe burns…

Little Deeya Mattapullut accidentally burned herself on October 8.

Little Deeya Mattapullut accidentally burned herself on October 8.

Great emotion at Cottage yesterday. The inhabitants were shocked after hearing of the death of 11-year-old Deeya Mattapullut, who died of her wounds after more than a month in the burnt hospital unit at Victoria Hospital in Candos. Student at Cottage Elementary School, this studious little girl, who had a passion for comics, wanted to take part at her Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) exams. But on the 8th of October, on returning from her private lessons, the drama was played.

“I did everything to save her, even going so far as to extinguish the fire on her clothes with my hands,” said her elder sister, aged 16. As her mother had to go to a shop for shopping, she left her other five children in the care of the eldest. The latter was in the living room when she saw Deeya heading for the kitchen where lamps were stored for prayers. Soon after, she heard her cries: “Tengn difé! Tengn difé! “, while the victim was running, her ‘churidar’ in flames.

The eldest sister tried to help her and her aunt, who lives next door, grabbed a jute bag to wrap the little one. The schoolgirl suffered from the arms, back and legs, but was nevertheless conscious. She reported her pain to her aunt in sobs: “Chachi pé brilé, pé mal mal.” The girl was taken to the Goodlands Mediclinic before being evacuated to the Victoria Hospital.

Already an orphan of father, the eldest child no longer knows which saint to vow after this new drama that struck her family. “Despite her injuries, Deeya wanted to take part in her CPE exams. She was afraid she could not get back on time.”

As the days went by, the Mattapullut family kept big hope that her state of health would improve. According to her older sister, the victim could walk into the room where she was under observation. But during the weekend her state of health deteriorated and she died yesterday. “My mother is annihilated by this news and she keeps crying.” Deeya Mattapullut’s funeral will take place today. For their part, the police have dismissed any criminal act in this case.