[Audio] Surinam: The Toddler Sharvin Dies On The Eve Of His 3rd Birthday

The village of Surinam is in turmoil after the death of the little Sharvin Rughoonauth.

Sharvin leaves behind an elder brother and inconsolable parents.

Sharvin leaves behind an elder brother and inconsolable parents.

The small boy, who was going to celebrate his 3 years on Saturday November 12, died after accidentally swallowing a figurine that was in a Kinder Joy, formerly known as Kinder Surprise.

This “chocolate” is very popular with children because the plastic packaging in the shape of an egg hides a small figurine that accompanies the chocolate. Some even collect these figures.

The drama occurred on Thursday night November 10 at the boy’s home in Suriname. According to his relatives, Sharvin was mistaken and swallowed the figurine instead of chocolate.

Sharvin’s uncle tells Radio Plus that the family has done everything to save him, but in vain. The child would have died suffocated.

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Sharvin Rughoonauth was the youngest child of the family. He has a brother who is in Form 2. His parents are inconsolable.

In Surinam, relatives and neighbors are giving their support to the Rughoonauth family since this drama to present their sympathies.